Renovate, Repair and Paint

At M. Lemay Lead Paint Consulting, I understand that every renovation begins with safety. That’s why I offer comprehensive Renovate, Repair, and Paint (RRP) services which includes crucial RRP inspections. If you’re planning a remodel, it’s paramount to know whether there’s lead paint in your property before you start.

These RRP inspections form the backbone of our services, aiding in situations whether you’re knocking down a wall, replacing cabinets, or undertaking major renovations. Our thorough lead inspections ensure you’re aware of any potential risks before any work commences.

Remember, this is a necessary step for both residential and commercial buildings alike. The RRP inspections provide peace of mind and safety. These inspections ensure that your remodel is lead-compliant and safe for everyone involved.

a newly renovated and painted interior
a dilapidated ceiling paint

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