Ensure Safety with Initial Lead Paint Inspection

Fast and Accurate Results

At M. Lemay Lead Paint Consulting, I specialize in initial inspections for lead paint. Using advanced XRF technology, I deliver quick and accurate results, keeping you and your loved ones safe. Learn how our lead paint inspector helps protect homes in Mass.

Reliable Lead Based Paint Inspection in Mass

Protecting your family from the dangers of lead-based paint starts with a thorough lead based paint inspection. At M. Lemay Lead Paint Consulting in Lunenburg, MA, lead inspections are designed to safeguard the health of adults, children, and pets. Using an XRF analyzer, I quickly and accurately identify any lead present. I conduct interior and exterior inspections, ensuring your home is safe from lot line to lot line.

a lead paint on exterior wooden wall cracking

Why Choose Me for Your Initial Inspection

Choosing M. Lemay Lead Paint Consulting for your lead based paint inspection brings numerous benefits:

  • Fast and accurate testing
  • Interior and exterior inspection
  • Protects children, adults, and pets
  • Personalized service and ongoing support
  • Education on lead safety and abatement grants

Making Homes Safer, One Home at a Time

In Mass, I’m committed to creating safer homes and workplaces. My thorough lead inspections are mandatory for homes built before 1978, as they’re at risk of containing lead-based paint. With over 17 years of experience, I’m your trusted partner in ensuring a lead-compliance environment.

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