Expert Section 8 Inspection: Your Path to Funding

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Embarking on a journey to secure Section 8 funding? M. Lemay Lead Paint Consulting is here to help. My Section 8 Inspection service is a mandatory step to secure your funding and ensure your home is safe and compliant.

Comprehensive Section 8 Inspection in Mass

Obtaining funding for your home in Mass is a process that requires a thorough Section 8 Inspection. Mickie conducts these inspections with attention to detail, ensuring your home meets all necessary safety and health standards.

a handheld xrf scanner pointed at the painted wall

My Section 8 Inspection Process

My comprehensive Section 8 Inspection involves:

  • Detailed inspection of your property
  • Re-inspection to confirm safety standards
  • Providing a certificate of appliance

My goal is to ensure your home is safe and compliant, paving the way for your Section 8 funding.

Creating Safer Homes in Mass

In Mass, I’m committed to creating safer homes and helping residents secure the funding they need. With over 17 years of experience, I navigate the Section 8 Inspection process with ease, ensuring a stress-free experience for my clients.

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